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UI Path

RPA UiPath Course at Qmatrix Technologies has been designed in such a way that it helps users to have dynamic learning of Robotic Process Automation. Moreover, it aids in obtaining a working knowledge of RPA and designing and developing RPA solutions on one’s own. This ends up in increased efficiency of organizations.Gaining a Professional RPA UIPath certification enables participants to have the skills of digitally transforming businesses through Industry-recommended automation principles & UiPath platform. It is the most demanding RPA tool which serves as an open-source platform for automation of sequential tasks.

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What do you learn?

What do you learn?

  • Knowledge on Components, pre-built Automation Tools, and Templates.
  • Skills to master RPA practices through hands-on industry projects.
  • Capability of controlling Bots.
  • Systematizing various tasks, applications, databases and systems.
  • Learn how to use the UiPath platform to improve security and management.
  • Know the essential role of RPA in eradicating gaps between different systems and databases.
  • Knowledge on deploying RPA segments: robots, bots, advancement tools.

Target Audience

  • Test Automation Engineers
  • UiPath Developers
  • Business leaders aspiring to automate operations in their organizations


  • No certain prerequisites compulsory for this course. But, knowledge of programming will be good.


Introduction To UIPath
  • The User Interface
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Updating UI Path Studio
  • Connecting your Project to a Source Control
  • Enabling Tracing
  • Creating a Basic Workflow
  • Introduction to Debugging a Workflow
  • Managing Packages
Types of Workflows
  • Sequences
  • Flowcharts
  • State Machines
  • Managing Variables
  • Naming Best Practices
  • The Variables Panel
  • Types of Variables
  • Generic Value Variables
  • Text Variables
  • True or False Variables
  • Number Variables
  • Array Variables
  • Date and Time Variables
  • Data Table Variables
  • Managing Arguments
  • Naming Best Practices
  • The Arguments Panel
  • Using Arguments
Imported Namespaces
  • About Imported Namespaces
  • Importing New Namespaces
Control Flow
  • About Control Flow
  • Control Flow Activities
  • The Assign Activity
  • The Delay Activity
  • The Do While Activity
  • The If Activity
  • The Switch Activity
  • The While Activity
  • The For Each Activity
  • The Break Activity
  • About Recording
  • About Recording Types
  • Automatic Recording
  • Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop
  • Example of Automatic Recording with Web
  • Manual Recording
UI Elements
  • About UI Elements
  • UI Activities Properties
  • Input Methods
  • Example of Using Input Methods
  • Output or Screen Scraping Methods
  • Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods
Data Scraping
  • About Data Scraping
  • Example of Using Data Scraping
  • About Selectors
  • Selectors with Wildcards
  • Full Versus Partial Selectors
  • UiPath Explorer

Scope of UI Path

UiPath offers fast RPA design, deployment, and scalability for all your business requirements with unmatched security and auditing. These course will help you to gain the knowledge UiPath automation. Join us today to get a life-changing career opportunity!

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Our Students Reviews

Sathish kumar
Java Developer

I would like to share my learning experience with Qmatrix Technologies. This is one of the best institutes for IT courses in Chennai. My experience here was great. All the faculties are good, supportive and well-knowledge. They helped me in clearing all doubts regarding the course. I am very happy that I got placement in a leading MNC. I suggest all IT career aspirants to take admission and get placement. Really, it’s a good platform.

Oracle SQL Developer

I did my Oralce PLSQL course at qmatrixtechologies. I got well trained in SQL and PLSQL. I was provided with real time project knowledge which helped me to understand concepts better.

Software Tester

It was a good experience to learn at Qmatrix Technologies. The institute is great and has a lot of hands-on experience. The Instructors are very professional and have real world experiences. Thanks to Qmatrix for building my skills and now I am very confident about my career future. Good curriculum and teaching! Thanks.

Python Developer

Trainers from qmatrix are well experienced. I got placement in 2 months since I started my training. Thanks to qmatrixtechologies.

Dotnet Developer

I want to tell you that if you have interest in getting a career in the IT field, then I suggest Qmatrix Technologies as an excellent place for you. You can learn innovative technologies here with certified experts. The staff and faculty are very co-operative and delivered their best in building my skills. I am technically skilled now and working in my dream company. Thanks to Qmatrix Technologies.

PLSQL Developer

I'm writing this review after a year of my work experience. I did my PLSQL course here. The course material and class was really effective. I am working in an MNC after a year now.

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