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DevOps Training

At Qmatrix Technologies, we understand that there is a significant demand for DevOps trained professionals. Hence deliver the necessary knowledge and exposure in different trending tools and technologies. Thus help the learners to master DevOps.DevOps training course is intended for knowledge on integrating application development (Dev) and operations (Ops). The major goal of this course is to support automation. By enrolling in this course, participants can understand how the DevOps transformation aids in focusing on values and streamline delivery.

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What do you learn?

  • Understanding on the concepts - cloud computing and virtualization
  • Performing configuration management
  • Continuous integration process utilization
  • DevOps – LoadBalancer
  • Lambda
  • Route53
  • LoadBalancer
  • DevOps - EC2
  • DevOps - SES

Target audience

  • Professionals seeking career change to Cybersecurity domain
  • Best suited for Cybersecurity professionals for improving skill sets


  • Familiarity on HTML and CSS
  • Basic understanding of any scripting language, in addition, should know about the fundamentals of Linux.



  • What is DevOps
  • Why DevOps
  • DevOps Principles
  • DevOps Ecosystem
  • Opportunities
  • for DevOps Engineer
  • DevOps Skills in demand
  • Important tools used in DevOps


  • Basic concepts of Operating System
  • Linux Versions
  • Important Linux Operating Systems concepts.
  • Important Linux Commands for Administration.
  • Commands for User Management.
  • Commands for File Permissions.
  • Commands for Partitioning.
  • Commands for File System.
  • Package Management.
  • Networking essentials.
  • SSH configuration.


  • Introduction to Version Control.
  • Introduction to GIT.
  • Installation and Server setup.
  • Important Git Commands.
  • Working with Repositories:
  • Creating a repository(git init)
  • Checking status(git status)
  • Adding files to a repository(git add)
  • Committing files(git commit)
  • Removing staged files(git reset)
  • Removing committed files(git rm)
  • Checking logs(git log)
  • GIT Remote Repositories
  • Branching in GIT.
  • Merging in GIT.
  • Workflows in GIT.
  • Different ways of using Git
  • Centralised
  • Feature Branch
  • Gitflow Workflow
  • Forking Workflow
  • Working with GitHub


  • Introduction to Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins Overview.
  • Jenkins Architecture.
  • Installation of Jenkins.
  • Jenkins management
  • Support for the Git version control systems
  • Different types of Jenkins Jobs
  • Setting up a Jenkins job
  • Scheduling build Jobs.
  • Securing Jenkins.
  • Jenkins Plugins.

Introduction to Maven.

  • Setting up Jenkins Master and Slave servers.
  • Distributed builds with Jenkins
  • Backup and Restore of Jenkins.


  • Introduction to Ansible.
  • Introduction to YAML.
  • Ansible Documentation.
  • Setup and Configuration.
  • Ansible Modules
  • Setup Module.
  • File Module.
  • Pause Module.
  • Yum Module.
  • Service Module.
  • Copy Module.
  • Package Module etc.
  • Ansible Command Line Usage.
  • Working with Playbooks
  • Introduction to Playbooks in Ansible
  • Creating Reusable Playbooks o Using Variables
  • Templates
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Blocks
  • Advanced Playbooks Features
  • Best Practices

Working with Ansible Plugins:

  • Ansible Roles:
  • Role Directory Structure
  • Using Roles
  • Role Duplication and Execution
  • Role Default Variables
  • Role Dependencies
  • Embedding Modules and Plugins In Roles
  • Role Search Path
  • Ansible Galaxy


  • Docker Concepts
  • Installing Docker.
  • Docker Image Layers
  • Build Docker Images by using Docker Commit Command.
  • Build Docker Images by Writing Dockerfile.
  • Push Docker Images to Docker Hub.
  • Docker Networking, Links and Volumes.
  • Create Dockerized Web Applications


  • Puppet ecosystem, components, and terminologies
  • Managing puppet infrastructure, modules, and environments
  • Installation and setup
  • Configuring puppet client / server architecture
  • Understanding how a puppet run works
  • Integrating git with puppet


  • Overview of Continuous Monitoring
  • Fundamentals of Nagios
  • Installing Nagios
  • Nagios Plugins(NRPE) and Objects
  • Nagios Commands
  • Notification in Nagios


  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Creating a Service
  • Installing Kubernetes
  • Working with Dashboard in Kubernetes
  • Deploying an App using Dashboard
  • Using Rolling Updates in Kubernetes
  • Containers and Container Orchestration


  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Why DevOps on Cloud ?
  • Introduction to AWS
  • Various AWS services
  • DevOps using AWS

Scope of AZURE

The world of emerging technologies is in a state of constant flux. With platforms and applications evolving at an overwhelming speed, supporting development methodologies have also undergone a sea-change over the last ten years. Concepts like Agile, Scrum, DevOps, and CI/CD have taken over the digital economy. The demand for DevOps experts across various roles is witnessing a steady spike. Join us today to get a life-changing career opportunity!

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Our Students Reviews

Sathish kumar
Java Developer

I would like to share my learning experience with Qmatrix Technologies. This is one of the best institutes for IT courses in Chennai. My experience here was great. All the faculties are good, supportive and well-knowledge. They helped me in clearing all doubts regarding the course. I am very happy that I got placement in a leading MNC. I suggest all IT career aspirants to take admission and get placement. Really, it’s a good platform.

Oracle SQL Developer

I did my Oralce PLSQL course at qmatrixtechologies. I got well trained in SQL and PLSQL. I was provided with real time project knowledge which helped me to understand concepts better.

Software Tester

It was a good experience to learn at Qmatrix Technologies. The institute is great and has a lot of hands-on experience. The Instructors are very professional and have real world experiences. Thanks to Qmatrix for building my skills and now I am very confident about my career future. Good curriculum and teaching! Thanks.

Python Developer

Trainers from qmatrix are well experienced. I got placement in 2 months since I started my training. Thanks to qmatrixtechologies.

Dotnet Developer

I want to tell you that if you have interest in getting a career in the IT field, then I suggest Qmatrix Technologies as an excellent place for you. You can learn innovative technologies here with certified experts. The staff and faculty are very co-operative and delivered their best in building my skills. I am technically skilled now and working in my dream company. Thanks to Qmatrix Technologies.

PLSQL Developer

I'm writing this review after a year of my work experience. I did my PLSQL course here. The course material and class was really effective. I am working in an MNC after a year now.

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